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Why Not Leave Christmas to the Christians

Why Not Leave Christmas to the Christians

For Dawkins’ sake, leave Christmas to the Christians

Have you enjoyed Christmas? Or was it just too stressful and expensive, you’re pleased to see the back of it, and you wonder why you buy into it year after year?

If you’re a dyed-in-the-wool secularist and are determined not to celebrate it next year, then why not follow the courage of your convictions and pack it in once and for all.

Surely any right-minded, card-carrying secularist should have the guts to totally ignore the Christian calendar, keep working till New Year, and only then break for a long summer holiday.

After all, we live in a country which is overwhelmingly secular, reflected in moves to remove all public symbols of Christianity lest they might cause offence.

In the current climate, where Christianity is seen as an affront to most secularists, why does the whole country slavishly shut down on Christmas Eve day and Christmas Day to celebrate the birth of Christ?

What a bunch of hypocrites. Stop putting a star on top of the Christmas tree, get rid of any evidence of angels, and quit singing religious carols. They don’t belong to you and your faith, or lack of it, so stop appropriating them. If you don’t believe in Christ or a Christian God, it’s time to refrain from all Christian rituals and indulgent sentimental attachments to the trappings of Christmas.

What’s that? You like your Christmas tree because of the smell? If we stopped growing pine trees specifically for Christmas, we would lessen the spre

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