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The new Mercedes-Benz C-Class: Saloon and Estate

The new Mercedes-Benz C-Class: Saloon and Estate

The new C-Class: Saloon and Estate

Would you have known that…

… in the last decade, the C-Class was the highest-volume Mercedes-Benz model? Since the introduction of the still current generation in 2014, over 2.5 million Saloon and Estate models have been sold. All in all, over 10.5 million Mercedes-Benz cars in this category have been delivered to customers since 1982.

… China has been the largest sales market for the C-Class Saloon since 2016? In addition, the USA, Germany and Great Britain have been the largest sales markets for the C-Class Saloon and Estate models in the last ten years. Two out of every three C-Class cars sold in Germany are the Estate variant.

… both the front and rear passengers benefit from the moderately increased exterior dimensions of the new model generation? Elbow-room has been increased by 22 mm in the front and 15 mm in the rear over the previous model. Headroom in the rear has increased by 13 mm (Estate: 11 mm). Thanks to up to 35 mm more kneeroom in the rear, journeys are even more pleasant for passengers in the rear.

… the C-Class has taken another major step forward with respect to digitisation and high quality? The interior now has highlights such as the display and operating concept adopted from the new S-Class, with a sporty interpretation. This is accentuated by another design feature: the dashboard and central display are slightly tilted towards the driver.

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