Rare photos that reveal the unseen side of our world.

Paul Tranter
5 min readNov 8, 2022
Celebrating the majesty of life, 1ness and the infinite power of I.

This Is How Chinese Soldiers Keep Their Posture.

The Giant Heads Of Easter Island Do Have

The Dark Side Of The Moon Passing In Front Of

The Earth, Captured From One Million Miles


This Fossilized Dinosaur Foot Print I Saw In


Some 5-Pointed Starfish Can Be Squared Due To Birth Defects.

Picture Of A Single Atom That Won the Science

Photo Contest. Zome In The Center.

This Is What A Baby Flamingo Looks Like.

Grains Of Salt Under Electron Microscope.

What Thousands Of Years Look Like In One

Photo (Dun Briste Sea Stack, Downpatrick Head,

Co. Mayo, Ireland).

The Way This Dead Cactus Decomposed,

Leaving Only The Spines Behind.

Aurora Of Different Planets.

Snow Covered Net Roof Of The Aviary In The


Strawberry’s Surface As Seen In An Electron


Sperm Whales (The Largest Toothed Predators

On Earth) Do Not Have Teeth In Their Upper Jaw

But Sockets That Their Lower Teeth Fit Into.

Giant Amethyst Geode.

Large Ice Crystals In Switzerland.

What An Eclipse Looks Like From Space.

Vinyl Puck Before It Is Pressed To Become A


What The Verdun Battlefield Looks Like Now.

This 50 Pound Lead Container That Held A

Radioactive Pill My Mom Had To Take To Fight

Off What’s Left Of Her Thyroid Cancer.

These Biscuit Presses.

This is an intact human Nervous System
in 1925 two medical students in Kirksville,
Missouri was challenged to dissect a cadaver’s
nervous system, starting from the brain
downward, but leaving the entire system in one
piece. The process took the students — M.A.
Schalck and L.P. Ramsdell-over 1,500 hours.
Their “blood, sweat, and tears” produced this
extraordinary display, located at the Museum of
Osteopathic Medicine at A.T. Still University
(ATSU) in Kirksville. There are only 4 of these in
the world.

‘Baby Driver’ Behind The Scenes: While Actors

Are Busy Performing, The Real Driver Is On Top

Of The Car.

This Is What A Tiger’s Skin Looks Like When It’s


Microbes Left Behind From The Handprint Of An

8-Year-Old Boy After Playing Outside.

This Is What An Empty Boeing 787 Looks Like.

The Inside Of A Space Suit.

What A Salt Mine Looks Like From The Inside.

This Is What An Elephant’s Tail Looks Like Up


You Can See Every Organ In The Glass Frog.

This Globe For Blind People.

An Agate Shell. Minerals Have Grown In The

Voids Of The Shell And Eventually Replaced The

Shell Too.

Here’s What An Albino Raccoon Looks Like.


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