Nissan Ambition 2030: Concept Car Fact Sheet

Nissan Ambition 2030: Concept Car Fact Sheet

At Nissan Ambition 2030, Nissan unveiled four new concept models including the near-future EV: Nissan Chill-Out.

Next-generation Crossover EV Concept: Nissan Chill-Out: A new way to spend time on the move

A new way to think about mobility, Nissan Chill-out is a mobile haven. It features a sleek and modern design, advanced safety technology, and a productive and comfortable interior space. The crossover concept utilizes the CMF-EV platform, delivering high levels of comfort and an energizing driving experience.

Standout Features:

— CMF-EV platform

— e-4ORCE

Nissan EV Technology Vision and three concept cars

Nissan EV Technology Vision is a technology study that looks beyond the Ariya and next-generation crossover EV. The technology considers the direction of future EVs, and how advancements in battery technology, hardware and packaging can offer customers a wide variety of mobility solutions to match their needs and lifestyles. Examples of this can be seen with the recently unveiled future forward concept cars: Max-Out, Surf-Out and Hang-Out.

Innovative integration of body, chassis and battery

At the core of Nissan EV Technology Vision is the integration of all solid-state battery (ASSB) technology that integrates with optimized components into a skateboard-like structure that allows for a variety of vehicle types. The optimum hardware structure will bring out the full potential of future complex software configurations and further realize the precision, performance, efficiency and versatility of our EV offerings.

Nissan Max-Out concept: Surpassing the conventional perception of driving enjoyment

The Nissan Max-Out is a convertible concept that aims to deliver a new driving experience with its superlative stability and comfort. Dynamic cornering and steering response are balanced with limited body roll to optimize driver and passenger comfort, creating a feeling of oneness with the car.

The two-seater features the unique ability to morph the seating, flattening into the floor to offer more interior space when desired, making it ideal for drivers with and without passengers.

Standout Features:

— Ultra-lightweight

— Very low center of gravity

— Advanced e-4ORCE

Nissan Surf-Out concept: Empowering customer’s range of activities

The Nissan Surf-Out concept aims to provide a smooth ride regardless of the terrain, enabling customers to go anywhere in comfort and with confidence. The vehicle’s variety of power outputs, and low and flat cargo space are aimed to help you go wherever you want and amplify your experience when you get there.

Standout Features:

— Off-road performance

— Electric power utilization from the vehicle

— Extended cargo space

— Advanced e-4ORCE

Nissan Hang-Out concept: Changing the perception of the mobile living space

With a completely flat floor that extends from the front to the back, the Nissan Hang-Out concept aims to surpass the conventional wisdom about interior layouts.

The Nissan Hang-Out concept is aimed to provide a new way of spending time on the move. It is designed to suppress vibrations and jolts, thereby reducing instances of motion sickness and interference while working on the go. Its spaciousness and quietness offers the comfort of your living room in a mobile space, expanding creature comforts on the go and off the beaten path. The theatre-like seating makes on-the-go movie nights with family and friends new and fresh, no matter where you are- or are going.

Standout Features and key technologies:

— Low and flat floor

— Quiet and comfortable cabin on-the-go

— Advanced e-4ORCE

— Advanced ProPILOT



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