My parents had one of those! — The British Motor Show adds a celebration of automotive ordinariness to its amazing host of content

My parents had one of those! – The British Motor Show adds a celebration of automotive ordinariness to its amazing host of content

- The British Motor Show announces a ‘Mum and Dad’s Cars’ display on the eve of Father’s Day

- Ordinary examples of automotive culture to feature among the latest and greatest EVs, supercars and all-time classics.

- Takes place on August 19–22, 2021 — the first major automotive event after full lockdown easing

- Thousands of advance tickets already sold

- More action, more content — and even more cars!

- Tickets cost just £18.50, or £37 for a family

For petrolheads all over the world, their very first car memories are associated with the vehicles their parents owned.

So as families across the UK plan their Father’s Day celebrations, what better way for the UK’s brightest, best and most interactive car show to mark the occasion than by announcing a special ‘Mum and Dad’s Cars’ display among its vast array of classic and modern motors.

From Austin Maestros to Vauxhall Cavaliers, we all remember the cars that ferried us to school and back, took us on our first dates or allowed us our first taste of motoring freedom on the day we passed our tests, and as a celebration of all things automotive The British Motor Show wants to commemorate that as much as it wishes to bring the latest and greatest the car industry has to offer in touching distance of the fun-loving public.

“This is the only car show where you’ll find a Nissan Bluebird rubbing shoulders with a brand new McLaren,” said The British Motor Show CEO, Andy Entwistle. “But it’s the cars our mums and dads owned that were the catalyst for most of us developing a love of cars, and The British Motor Show is all about the love of cars.

“Our Mum and Dad’s Cars display will bring a taste of nostalgic automotive ordinariness to an already packed show, where the love of Ferraris and Lamborghinis is just as important as the love of Ford Sierras and Rover 200s, which for many of us is where it all began.”

With the UK government reconfirming ‘Freedom Day’ as July 17th, the British Motor Show — sponsored by Cinch — is all systems go to become the first major motor show of 2021 to go ahead with no Covid-19 restrictions.

And that’s just another reason why the action-packed return of a British Motor Show on the international stage is major news for the automotive industry, as well as promising an fun-filled day out at a truly affordable price for the British public, who are desperate to enjoy summer holiday fun.

It’ll be packed with interactive car-themed experiences, from the latest electric models to some tantalising classics, with a level of live, interactive experiences and celebrity guests never before seen at a previous British Motor Show.

Set to take place at Farnborough International from August 19–22, no other Motor Show has ever delivered such a variety of content, celebrity guests and live action. Tickets are an absolute bargain at an incredible £18.50 a head, with a family ticket including two children costing just £37 making it one of the best value and enjoyable days out for the forthcoming summer holidays.

To find out more about the show, book tickets or keep up with the latest news, visit




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Paul Tranter

Paul Tranter

Chief Human at I’m literally buzzing with ideas!

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