All-in from Volkswagen: game-changing, industry-leading aftercare package offers peace of mind and value for money

Paul Tranter
4 min readMay 17, 2021
All-in from Volkswagen: game-changing, industry-leading aftercare package offers peace of mind and value for money

- Package provides two services, two MOT tests and two years of Roadside Assistance, for multi-dimensional customer support

- Two-year warranty gives convenience and peace of mind to owners of models aged 36 and 72 months

- Eye-catching value and extra reassurance of All-in combines with Volkswagen’s already industry-leading Approved Used offering

Volkswagen is proud to today launch All-in — a value and convenience-focused comprehensive aftercare plan, designed to provide even greater support for Volkswagen customers with cars aged between 36 and 72 months.

The package includes the customer’s next two services, two years’ roadside assistance, two MOTs and two years of warranty cover, thereby providing support, dependability and peace of mind through a multi-dimensional aftercare plan designed to save customers both time and money.

All-in from Volkswagen — the first programme of its type offered by a manufacturer in the UK — combines a menu of services, bundled into one package and paid for either by monthly instalments of £33.45 or a one-off payment of £802.80. Starting with a free eligibility check by a technician, the offering comprises one major and one minor service (including a full inspection), two annual MOT tests (excluding re-testing and any remedial work), year-round roadside assistance, and a two-year warranty. The roadside assistance is effective in the UK and Europe, and covers drivers for, if required, repatriation, alternative travel, and hotel accommodation for both the driver and up to seven passengers.

This innovative package takes away the need to plan ahead for the main future servicing costs, and enables customers to budget carefully across monthly payments. Peace of mind comes from Volkswagen’s trained technicians, using only Volkswagen genuine parts and diagnostic equipment, as well as the knowledge that the vehicle is covered under the All-in warranty. Compared with pay-as-you-go pricing for the All-in items separately, the programme provides considerable value, with the average customer saving for All-in projected to be £833 across the two-year period. Further bolstering the convenience offered is the facility to book services and MOTs into just one visit to the Retailer.

All-in represents the biggest single aftersales investment in the history of Volkswagen UK to date, at a time when the brand is focusing even more on its aftersales and Approved Used areas. The vehicle pool in the UK eligible for All-in is conservatively estimated at considerably more than half a million vehicles, meaning that a huge number of motorists driving three-to-six-year-old Volkswagens could theoretically benefit from this industry-leading roster of support.

All-in from Volkswagen is provided in conjunction with Volkswagen Financial Services, and is priced at £33.45 per month over 24 months — which, when broken down into a daily cost, is roughly the same as a daily takeaway coffee. The programme can also be paid upfront for a one-off payment of £802.80. Vehicles aged between 36 and 72 months are eligible, meaning that the support could be effective until the car is up to eight years old, depending on its age when the policy takes effect. The only exemptions to the programme currently are electric vehicles, cars that have covered over 100,000 miles, and vehicles with engines of more than 2.0 litres in capacity. All-in launches today (17 May) for Volkswagen Passenger Cars, and will be offered at later dates by other Volkswagen Group UK brands.

All-in represents a facet of Volkswagen’s 360-degree support for used cars, following the 2020 launch of Volkswagen Approved Used. Following on from Das WeltAuto, the scheme underwent a transformation in both its branding and its package of benefits — now providing two years of warranty cover, two years’ MOT, and two years’ roadside assistance to complement every Volkswagen Approved Used car sale. To this package two years of free servicing is added to any Approved Used vehicle when purchased using a Volkswagen Financial Services (VWFS) Solutions Personal Contract Plan.

Andrew Savvas, Director of Volkswagen UK, said: “Until All-in from Volkswagen, this kind of comprehensive support was not offered by a manufacturer. At Volkswagen, we’re incredibly proud of our cars, whether they’re brand new and showroom-fresh or well used and loved, and believe that all of our customers deserve the best support, even if their car is a few years old. The peace of mind and value for money that this innovative programme provides is sure to make the lives of our customers easier, thanks to the many benefits that All-in provides.

“The programme, and the investment behind it, proves our commitment to providing an industry-leading package for owners of used Volkswagens. A customer isn’t just a customer until they leave the showroom, or even for a year or two after that — our support is ongoing and comprehensive, and reflects the belief we have in our cars, long after they are delivered to the first owner.”

1] Estimate based on SMMT sales figures May 2015 — April 2018