Paul Tranter
The Story Of The Le Mans Underdog: 1965 Bizzarrini A3/C

“Anything Ferrari does, Bizzarrini could do better”

The Triumph Dolomite is a Beautiful '70s Sporting Saloon

Commonly described as ‘Britain’s BMW’, British Leyland’s Triumph Dolomite has one of the most elongated and convoluted histories…


The E-type has entered the racing savannah of the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile

Minerva: Belgium's rolls-Royce

Belgium’s finest building the best of best for kings, Henry Ford and the military… Yes, TANKS!

When A Mercedes Hit 271 Miles Per Hour in The 1930s

When you think of cars that can go over 271 miles per hour, only a handful come to your mind.

A record-breaking 2021 for Automobili Lamborghini

UK deliveries up by 9% and the company recorded its best results ever, with 8,405 cars delivered worldwide

What’s new at Beaulieu for 2022

Beaulieu is getting ready for an exciting new year, with historic motors and characters coming to life, the new Bond in Motion — No Time To Die exhibition, and a packed events calendar, all in the year of the National Motor Museum’s 50th anniversary.

Paul Tranter

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